A two week group project with a bunch of talented people working together to form a single narrative. Enjoy!
Music by Johnny River - Secret Agent Man
Includes the original short and the VFX breakdown.
Director/Compositor/CG: Yat Fung Leung
Compositor/Roto & Prep: Jess Hayes
Motion Graphics: Kasparas Mikutis
Graphics Designer: Hanča Valuš Zýková, Charlotte Smith
Camera Operator: Ceri England
This was a project of mine where I wanted to incorporate one of my hobbies in with my work. I decided to film my university club skiing at one of the dryslopes outside of Cardiff. This was one of my most enjoyable projects and this was one of the moments when I realised I want to do filming and editing in the future.
This was a short one day film project I did for Dogs Trust. This was another practice with storytelling and filming. It's an awareness video about dogs that are bought at Christmas that come under the quote "Dogs are for life not just for Christmas".
Galvanize was another group project I did in my second year of university. My role in the group was 3D and animation. This was one of the contributions I had to the group which was to take our logo and make it come alive.
Before coming to university I had done a fair bit with 3D but I had never incorporated animation in with it. This was my first time using both 3D and animation together.
This was one of my first year projects. It was my first experience with frame by frame animation.

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